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Our company, which produces grills and BBQ equipment in Ostwestfalen, Germany, has been creating a unique grill culture since 2012, with a focus on combining fire plates and smokers. These grills are true one-of-a-kind pieces and are developed, designed, and tested on site. Our products stand for quality and simplicity. Whether you're a professional grill enthusiast or a beginner, everyone can find the right BBQ accessories with us.

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We build grills with real fire

Bandit Fireplace Accessories

NEW: black shelves and table top

You can now get black shelves for our Bandit Fireplace - made from high quality and robust paper composite! Our unique manufacturing method of soaking multiple layers of paper in food grade resin results in a solid and balanced material that makes them water and dishwasher safe, heat resistant up to 180 degrees and impact resistant. The trays are also easy to clean. 

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Discover the innovative table top for the Bandit Fireplace! Create a functional bar table in no time, without tools or additional screws. The robust and durable construction offers enough space for all your outdoor needs. Use it as a practical storage surface for barbecue food, plates, cutlery and glasses or effectively protect the BBQ-Disk fire plate from dirt. The tabletop is the perfect addition for anyone who enjoys the outdoors and wants to prepare for their outdoor adventures. Order now and experience the comfort and convenience of easy standing table assembly!


Premium stainless steel barbecue cutlery set

Discover the ultimate grill cutlery set for all BBQ fans! The premium stainless steel grill cutlery set consists of a robust Simple long-nose pliers with a length of 58 cm, a BBQ brush, a burger masher and a BBQ spatula. With their clear shape and ergonomic handling, the tools not only look good, they also make it easier to grill and turn meat, vegetables, etc.

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We are proud of our grills - and of the community that lives the MOESTA BBQ feeling every day. We would like to carry this feeling even further into the gardens of this world. We need your support here! Together with Experify we offer you the opportunity to present your grills and accessory products personally and to leave prizes. Find out now and become part of the Experify community for MOESTA-Friends!

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Innovation & Design aus Ostwestfalen

Unsere Topseller

Das Beste für deine Feuerstelle

Smokin' PizzaRing - Pizza Set
Kugelgrill Durchmesser: 60 cm
Turn your kettle grill into a perfect pizza oven with our Moesta BBQ Smokin' PizzaRing. It's designed to provide extra heat and a constant temperature, so pizzas are delivered every 3 minutes. It also allows a clear view of the pizza to time the optimal cooking point.All you need is the Smokin' PizzaRing, a pizza stone, a pizza peel and a pizza pusher. This set contains everything you need to make pizzas on your kettle grill.Only the original Smokin' PizzaRing is modularly expandable. It is the basis for many other functions on your kettle grill.Expandable with rotisserie. The Smokin' PizzaRing is already prepared for the installation of the Moesta Rotisserie (rotating spit)!Expandable with Pan'BBQ. In combination with other accessories, the ring can also be used as a holder for XXL pans. Delicious potato pancakes, Wiener XXL schnitzel or paella is the result.Can be extended with Churrasco'BBQ & Turnado. The Churrasco attachment can also be easily and safely placed on the original PizzaRing.As an oven extension or for smocking. With a lid and a dinner jacket band, you are perfectly equipped to make full use of the volume of your grill.When the pizza is cooked under a lid, the constant opening and closing of the kettle grill means that different temperatures escape. The kettle grill with PizzaRing keeps the temperature constant and ensures the optimum top heat through heat circulation.The right heat makes all the difference.Distribute the glowing charcoal only in the rear area of the grill. The right high temperature is then created by adding a little firewood or Moesta PowerBricks. Place a maximum of 3-5 small pieces of firewood on the glowing briquettes and after approx. 5-10 minutes temperatures of over 300°C will develop in your kettle grill with PizzaRing.Crispy & delicious with Moesta BBQ.The Moesta BBQ pizza stone is made of corderite and is therefore designed for temperatures over 1000°C. The advantage of the stone is that it can be used for cooking. The advantage of the stone is that it stores heat and then releases it directly onto the pizza. With the help of the pizza ring, the stone does not take very long to heat up.Enjoy the best pizza now!The Moesta Smokin' PizzaRing fits standard 47, 50, 57, 58, 60 and 67 kettle grills with removable lids. The PizzaRing is also the basic equipment for the extensions: Rotisserie set, Churrasco'BBQ and Pan'BBQ.


BBQ-Disk fire plate incl. height adjuster
The BBQ Disk is suitable for your kettle grill / barbecue barrel or bandit and turns your grill into a plancha. Grilling at the fire plate is very sociable and suitable for everyone, even without grilling knowledge! The grill grate is replaced by the grill plate in this type of grill. What exactly is a fire plate?When it comes to barbecuing, in addition to the familiar methods with charcoal, gas or pellet grills, there is also another variant: the BBQ disc. It doesn't matter whether your barbecue party in the garden is attended by many or just a few people. The fire plate is the perfect choice. The cast-iron disc offers plenty of space for steaks, sausages or vegetables. With our version of the plancha, you can even put on a wok crown and grill Asian food. The round cast-iron plate has a hole in the middle with a diameter of 25 cm - this is basically already a fire plate, also called a grill plate. This is placed over a fire source - the BBQ Disk fits perfectly on the Bandit FirePlace or kettle grills. Several grilling zones are created on the surface. Hot on the inside at the fire, the temperature decreases further out.The different temperature zones on the fire plate offer many possibilities on the grill. Close to the fire - temperatures beyond 300 degrees can be reached, around 100 degrees prevail in the outer ring area, ideal for keeping warm or baking up burger buns. On the optional sizzler grate, which closes the 25 cm opening, you can grill steaks and sausages quickly and hot. They are then cooked in a relaxed manner on the outside.Fire attracts people - grilling on the planche with an open flame magically attracts your visitors. Similar to a fire bowl, but with even more action. Burning in the Moesta BBQ grill plate is not necessary. You can get started straight away. We always recommend using a lighting chimney briquette and adding some beech wood or Moesta-BBQ PowerBricks on top. This way you can control your fire perfectly and nothing will get in the way of your BBQ. Many customers use the plate on the kettle grill, the fire bowl or the Bandit FirePlace.What exactly is special about the Moesta-BBQ fire plate?The outer elevation of the grill plate ensures that the grilled food rests securely without falling down to the outside. The optional height adjustment allows you to adjust the inclination of the BBQ Disk to 3 positions. Wok crown optionally available: You can also extend the BBQ Disk with the wok crown and thus wok and use the BBQ Disk at the same time. How do I care for the cast iron plancha?The BBQ Disk must be oiled after every use! Otherwise it will rust. Burning in is not necessary, as the grill plate is re-treated.As the patina should be preserved so that the grill plate does not rust, the following applies: Never use washing-up liquid for cleaning!Otherwise the plancha will have to be baked on again. You can clean the BBQ disc by scraping it with the BBQ spatula while it is still hot and then wiping it with kitchen towels. To seal it, you should oil the fire plate with barbecue spray.Why cast iron? The BBQ Disk produces a great even heat and different temperature zones. A normal steel plate becomes either a "volcano" or a "funnel" when in use, as steel expands when hot. With the "volcano", the oil on the plate runs onto your terrace, with the "funnel" it runs directly into the fire and creates constant flames. But we want a straight plate! We achieve this perfectly with a special contour under the BBQ Disk. This means that the BBQ Disk always has an even grilling surface.Height adjuster for the BBQ-Disk The height adjuster for the BBQ-Disk (fire plate) is a practical and helpful function that makes it possible to adjust the fire plate in balance at different positions. This makes it possible to compensate for unevenness in the surface in order to achieve an even grilling result. The height adjustment is suitable for kettle grills up to a diameter of 60 cm and of course for our Bandit Fireplace.


SIMPLE Burgersmasher aus Edelstahl
Unser hochwertiger Burgersmasher ist ein Must-Have für alle Burgerliebhaber und Grillmeister da draußen. Ausgestattet mit den besten Materialien und Eigenschaften, wird dieser Burgersmasher Ihnen helfen, das perfekte Burgerpatty herzustellen.Unser hochwertiger Burgersmasher ist das neueste Produkt in unserer Simple Serie, die aus einem Pinsel, einer Spitzzange und einem Spachtel besteht. Jedes Produkt in dieser Serie ist aus hochwertigem Edelstahl gefertigt, hitzebeständig und spülmaschinengeeignet. Zusammen mit unserem Burgersmasher sind diese Werkzeuge die perfekte Ergänzung für jeden Grillmeister und Hobbykoch.Hergestellt aus robustem Edelstahl, ist dieser Burgersmasher langlebig und wird Ihnen jahrelang treue Dienste leisten. Er ist auch hitzebeständig, so dass Sie ihn bedenkenlos auf dem Grill oder in der Pfanne verwenden können, ohne sich Sorgen machen zu müssen, dass er beschädigt wird.Ein weiteres großartiges Merkmal dieses Burgersmashers ist seine Spülmaschineneignung. Sie können ihn also bequem in die Spülmaschine geben und sich keine Gedanken über eine aufwändige Reinigung machen.Mit seinem großen, flachen Boden ist unser Burgersmasher perfekt für das Pressen von Burgerfleisch, um es in die perfekte Form zu bringen. Der ergonomische Griff ermöglicht Ihnen eine bequeme Handhabung, während Sie den perfekten Druck auf das Fleisch ausüben.Unser Burgersmasher zeichnet sich insbesondere durch seine Materialqualität und dem Gewicht von 980g aus! 180mm Durchmesser.Dieser hochwertige Burgersmasher ist das perfekte Werkzeug für alle, die den besten Burger herstellen möchten. Bestellen Sie jetzt und bringen Sie Ihre Burger auf die nächste Stufe!


SIMPLE BBQ Tongs 58cm stainless steel
The Simple BBQ tongs are an essential tool for any barbecue lover who wants to take their grilling skills to the next level. The slim design of the tongs allows you to turn your barbecue food precisely and gently without crushing or damaging it. The tip of the tongs has a special serration that allows you to safely grip and turn even the smallest foods such as sausages or vegetables.The tongs are made of high-quality stainless steel, making them robust, durable and dishwasher safe. This means you don't have to worry about cleaning and the tongs will always look like new, even after long use.Another highlight of the Simple BBQ tongs is the bull's head at the end of the handle, which not only serves as a decorative element, but also functions as a bottle opener. So you have everything you need for a successful barbecue combined in one practical pair of tongs.The Simple BBQ tongs are easy to use and are suitable for all types of barbecue food, from steak and burgers to vegetables and fish. With the tongs, you can turn your grilled food safely and effectively to achieve the perfect result.In summary, the Simple BBQ tongs offer high-quality construction, precise design and ease of use. They are an indispensable tool for every barbecue lover who wants to prepare their food perfectly. Whether for your own use or as a gift for a barbecue friend, the Simple BBQ tongs are an excellent choice for any barbecue fan.


Unsere Neuheiten

HeatPro heat gloves grey
Grill or heat gloves rethought!Our HeatPro oven mitts are the perfect solution for anyone who loves to cook, bake or grill. Made from high quality and heat resistant liquid silicone, one of the most advanced oven glove materials on the market, they offer a comfortable fit and excellent grip, even on wet or oily surfaces.The liquid silicone runs around the outside of a 3D hand mould to form the gloves with pliable fingers that are softer and more malleable in texture and design than stiff regular silicone gloves, which are made with a 2D mould and limit and fix the shape of the gloves.Our HeatPro heat gloves can withstand temperatures of up to 250 degrees Celsius and can even withstand temperatures of up to 350 degrees Celsius for short periods. With their non-slip surface and flexible fit, our gloves are comfortable and easy to wear. They are also BPA and latex free, ideal for people with sensitive skin.Another advantage of our HeatPro heat gloves is that they are machine washable. This makes them easier to clean and ensures that they are always clean and hygienic. Finally, with our HeatPro heat gloves you can touch meat or other food directly and turn it over without any problems and without burning yourself.Whether you are an experienced chef or a hobby cook, our HeatPro heat gloves offer a comfortable and practical solution for anyone who wants to protect their hands from heat and burns. Whether you're taking a hot pot off the hob or taking a baking tray out of the oven, our HeatPro heat gloves allow you to transport your food safely and comfortably.To find the right size, download our size calculator here.


WILLIAM - Bandit FirePlace Grill Tray + Cutting Board
WILLIAM Bandit Cutting BoardThe board for the Bandit Fireplace is a practical accessory for all Bandit owners. It extends the storage area on the grill and offers enough space to safely transport meat or vegetables. The handles facilitate handling and ensure safe storage. The storage board can be used like a tablet and can be attached without tools to two clamps that are screwed to the Bandit. The board not only offers a natural surface, but is also made of cellulose, making it particularly environmentally friendly. It is waterproof and dishwasher safe, which facilitates cleaning. The high resistance and impact strength makes the tray board a robust and durable companion. It can also withstand high temperatures of up to 180 degrees and is also food safe. With the storage board XXL for the Bandit Fireplace, grilling becomes even easier and more convenient. Don't miss the chance to upgrade your Bandit with this high-quality accessory!  The Bandit - the ultimate barbecue and fireplace all-rounder for your garden! Our Bandit is made of high quality Corten steel and is a perfect fit for many Moesta BBQ tops with a diameter of 57cm. It is the stable and best base for the BBQ Disk fire plate and is perfect as a fireplace on cold winter days or as a grill. The Bandit FirePlace was awarded by the expert jury of the prestigious Plus X Award 2022 in the categories of quality, design, functionality and ease of use - a real winner for the garden kitchen!

Ab 149,00 €*

FlameBoard - The XXL stainless steel flame salmon board
The grill solarium for every fish that holds something on itself! Perfect tan, tight-fitting stainless steel corset - dishwasher safe and indestructible. Can be turned and twisted as you like: from sunburn to Adonis. Snooty? Not necessarily: the angle to the embers can be adjusted in 4 steps. No half-portion: (up to) 60 cm length make everyone full. And: not least the MoestaBBQ bull branded on the chest make the others look really pale. The Moesta flame salmon board can be mounted on the Moesta Bandit FirePlace, kettle grills & fire barrels, easily cleaned and used again and again. Moesta BBQ Flame Salmon Boards are unique because of the dimensions, as well as the materials and material thicknesses used. Easily prepare the perfect flame salmon and at the right temperature. Heat and fire cannot harm our flame salmon boards. Especially the unique taste of a salmon over an open flame will impress you. If you want to prepare the flame salmon on your bandit or fire tray, with conventional flame salmon boards you have to soak the board in water 1-2 hours before. The FlameBoard can be used immediately!SustainableWith Moesta-BBQ FlameBoards you will never have to buy replacement boards again, no matter how often you use the board. Dishwasher safeTo prevent mold and odors, you can also simply clean the flame salmon board in the dishwasher. The material quality of the holder and board is excellent and durable.Suitable for the whole salmonWith the dimensions of 604 cm x 19 cm, we have chosen the size of the Flame Salmon Board so that whole salmon fillets or salmon halves also fit on the FlameBoard.Perfect salmon over an open wood fireWith the 4-fold tilt angle adjustment on both sides of the FlameBoard you can always set the optimal heat for the salmon.Precisely fitting flame salmon boardsWhether kettle grill, Bandit FirePlace or fire bowl: The Flame Salmon Board fits. During cooking, you can also turn it 180° and you'll get an even cooking experience.Tip for the Flammlachs recipeWe like to recommend our Hocus Pocus or Orient Express as a seasoning for the salmon fillet. Add a little lime juice and brown sugar and you're ready to grill over the flame.

€89.90* - die Grillrezepteseite in Zusammenarbeit mit Moesta BBQ

Wir bieten nicht nur fantastische Produkte für Griller, sondern entwickeln auch regelmäßig neue Grillrezepte. In unserer BBQ Werkstatt in Löhne kommen regelmäßig Spitzenköche, Grillmeister und Videogriller zu Besuch. Dort entwickeln wir gemeinsam Rezepte, die dann im Grillseminar weitergegeben werden. Die besten Rezepte für den Sheriff, die BBQ Disk oder andere Moesta-BBQ Produkte werden dann auf eingestellt.


Unsere Grillhelfer

Equipment der Extraklasse

SIMPLE BBQ Barbecue Cutlery Set
Discover the ultimate BBQ cutlery set for all BBQ fans! The Premium Stainless Steel Grill Tool Set consists of a sturdy Simple Tongs with 58cm length, a BBQ Brush, a Burger Masher and a BBQ Spatula.Made from premium stainless steel, this grill cutlery set offers superior quality and durability that will guarantee many grilling seasons. The needle-nose tongs are especially useful for turning and gripping meats, vegetables and other grilled foods. The BBQ Brush is perfect for applying marinades and oils to meats or vegetables. The Burger Masher is a must-have for any burger lover to shape perfect burger patties and reduce cooking time. The BBQ Spatula is a versatile tool that is ideal for turning grilled foods, picking up meat and scraping the grill.All the pieces in the set are dishwasher safe and easy to clean, so you won't have to waste time cleaning your cutlery after grilling. With the Premium Stainless Steel Barbecue Cutlery Set, you can perfect any barbecue and impress your guests with delicious and professionally prepared dishes.Overall, this grill cutlery set is a perfect gift for any grill master and a great addition to any kitchen or grilling station. Buy the Premium Stainless Steel Barbecue Cutlery Set now and enjoy an ultimate barbecue experience!


SIMPLE stainless steel BBQ brush
The Simple Marinating Brush is the perfect tool for all your grilling and cooking needs! Made of high quality stainless steel and equipped with a removable XL silicone bristle head, this brush allows for easy and precise marinating of meat, fish, vegetables and much more.The silicone bristles are heat resistant and can withstand high temperatures. They are also extra gentle on delicate surfaces and won't damage them. The removable head is easy to clean and dishwasher safe, making the brush very easy to maintain and clean.The ergonomic design of the Simple Marinating Brush makes it comfortable and safe to use, so you can effortlessly marinate every detail without worrying about the brush slipping out of your hand. With this brush, you can achieve a perfect marinade every time and bring out the best in every dish.The Simple Marinating Brush is also super useful on the grill for glazing spare ribs or other grilled dishes. By precisely and evenly distributing the marinade, the brush allows you to achieve the perfect glaze, giving your dishes an irresistible flavor and appetizing appearance.Overall, the Simple Marinating Brush is a versatile and durable tool that is an essential in any kitchen. It's easy to use, clean, and store, making it ideal for amateur cooks and professionals alike. Buy the Simple marinating brush now and improve your cooking skills!


BBQ Claws - Meat Claws - Plastic Claws
Whether chicken or pork - the Moesta BBQ Claws are used for cutting or shredding ready-cooked meat. Suitable as a cutting aid or for transporting large pieces of meat.  What do you do with the BBQ claws ?The meat claws are made of heat-resistant plastic and can withstand temperatures of up to 130 degrees Celsius. They are designed to safely lift whole roasts, chickens and generally large pieces of meat from the grill. Thanks to the pointed ends, the food is held securely. However, the main area of application is of course the cutting or shredding of pulled pork. Especially when making large quantities of pulled pork, the Meat Claws are much faster than simple forks. Pulling Pulled Pork into piecesSimplifies the shredding of your barbecue! Especially the fun and the looks of the guests are worth it. Finally available in GermanyAs bear claws, the plastic meat forks have been available in the USA for many years. Now also in Germany. Food-safeDishwasher safe and easy to clean, Highest temperature resistance. Gift idea for the grillerFor the ambitious griller, this useful gadget is also a great gift idea.


BBQ Sprayer No.1 - Stainless Steel Roasting Sprayer
We have developed our best marinade syringe to give the passionate griller the perfect tool to season his meat with marinade from the inside. Perfect for your BBQ: Pulled pork, beef brisket, roasts or even small pieces of meat like pork tenderloin, chicken breast and fish can easily be injected. What do you need a marinating syringe for? A roasting syringe is used to season grilled meat or other foods from the inside. A syringe is also useful for pickling. Especially with large pieces of meat and roasts, it can happen that they become dry if you go too high with the core temperature. Anyone who has ever grilled a pulled pork in the Sheriff Pellet Grill knows how delicious the crust is - we now bring the flavour into the meat as well. That's why this syringe belongs in every good barbecue equipment. With a capacity of 60 ml, the meat syringe is perfect for getting even juicier barbecue results. The three-ring handle of the meat syringe makes dosing possible with just one hand.High-quality storage of the meat syringe!Here you have everything you need in a high-quality box and nothing flies around loose. The high-quality stainless steel meat syringe and the 5 needles, as well as replacement O-rings have their place in the high-quality box. We also include a recipe.More uses for the roasting syringe!All needles have different outlets at the tips for different purposes. Many other manufacturers only supply the thick needles, which are completely unsuitable for smaller pieces of meat. Especially for poultry, fine needles on the syringe are very suitable and protect the meat from drying out. We recommend that the meat is kept refrigerated for a few hours after injecting so that the liquid can distribute well.


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